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Adopt a Pony Program!

Little Stirrups Equine is asking for your HELP!!

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic Little Stirrups Equine relies on their pony rides at events and birthday parties to keep up with their pony’s expenses. With hard times in the world and the social distancing protocols put in place by the Canadian Government our ponies are not able to work. This means our company is struggling to pay for their feed, farrier and vet bills. We are asking for the public’s help by announcing our new program of adopt a pony.

What does Adopt a Pony Mean?

  • Our adoption program will run weekly from Monday to Sunday. 
  • Each week you may choose to adopt one of our ponies and receive some fun for yourself or family. 
  • We are offering three packages of fun sent right to your home from our ponies showing their gratitude for your donation. 

Adoption Packages:

Bronze Package:

  • You will receive one photo from your pony of choice
  • You will receive mail from your pony at the end of the week.
  • Your name or a family name published on our website as a sponsor.

Adoption Fee is $15.00 per week.

Silver Package:

  • You will receive daily photos or videos from your pony of choice.
  • You will receive an emailed adoption certificate.
  • You will receive mail from your pony at the end of each week.
  • Your name or a family name published on our website as a sponsor.

Adoption Fee is $25.00 per week.

Gold Package:

  • You will receive everything listed above 
  • PLUS a Little Stirrups Equine T-shirt.
  • Available in sizes (Toddler, Child, Adult and Plus Sizes). Colours will depend on current availability. 

Adoption Fee is $45.00 per week


What will my Adoption Fees Pay for?

  • Grain: 1 Bag of Grain costs $21.00, LSE’s ponies eat approximately 1 -2 bags of grain per week.
  • Hay: 1 Round Bale costs $60.00, LSE’s ponies eat approximately 1 bale every 5 days.
  • Medical Bills: Every spring we have our local vet come in and give each pony a full exam plus their annual spring vaccines. These visits can also include dental when needed as well as any other medical concerns addressed at this time. These visits range in the price range of $250.00 - $500.00 per pony.
  • Farrier Bills: Our farrier comes every 6 weeks to trim our pony’s hooves. 1 Trim cost $35.00 per pony and a total of $210.00 for all 6 ponies every 6 weeks.

These expenses listed above are the main costs of owning our ponies and all money donated will go towards keeping our ponies happy during these difficult times. We hope everyone could help us out by participating in our Adopt a Pony program and have some family fun at the same time! If you can help us out, we would gladly be appreciative of your generous donations and look forward to having a week of fun sent right to your home! If interested in our program please email Leanne at [email protected] or complete the donation forms below and send them to [email protected] 

Thank you,

Leanne and Martin Owners of Little Stirrups Equine 

Adoption Form

Ponies For Adoption




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