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Meet The LSE Team


Leanne, Little Stirrups Equine's coach and Co Owner with Martin. Leanne has been in the horse industry for over 15 years. She has experience with foals, stallions, show horses, Olympic horses, yearlings, breaking and training. She has many years of experience in the show ring from hunter, jumper, eventing, dressage, short courses and derbies. Leanne also has experience in breeding, fox hunting and endurance racing. To add to Leanne's coaching, she is also a certified vet technician, first aid and cpr trained and a mother to two children. These assets, make Leanne a versatile coach with lots of patients, soft approach while caring for the each and every rider's personal needs, fears and goals to help anyone become a good solid rider. 


Martin is co owner of the business with Leanne. He does everything from maintenance around the farm, building, hauling, handling and feeding our horses. Martin is always very patient with any obstacle that may come and always finds a way to fix it. 


Tia is one of our families close friends as well as our worker. Tia is a very patient and kind caring person who always has a special charm to help those riders who are a tad nervous. Tia has been around horses since she was young and has previously shown for 11 years in the hunter jumper ring. Over the years, Tia has gained valuable skills to help assist any type of rider from nervous to confident riders.


Ashleigh is one of our family friends as well as our worker. Ashleigh always greets each kid with a smile on her face. Horses has always been apart of Ashleigh's life from starting to ride at 3 years old to showing in the hunter jumper ring as an 8 year old. Over the years, Ashleigh has gained valuable skills with teaching children how to ride but also to create a bond with their ponies like no other.